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We are in the initial clinical development stage with our product candidates in muscle health and blood. We have completed a Clinical Study for AXA2678 in healthy individuals, which yielded data that we believe supports this product candidate’s potential atrophy-mitigating effects during limb immobilization. We are currently conducting an initial Clinical Study of AXA4010, a product candidate with the potential to support blood health.

Product Candidate Area of Focus Potential Indication Initial Clinical Studies1 Therapeutic Development2
AXA4010 Blood Sickle cell
Planned cohort 1 readout: Q4 2020
N=24, 3 cohorts, 1 dose
AXA2678 Muscle Limb immobilization- induced acute atrophy 001
N=20, 2 arms, 1 dose



  1. Initial Clinical Studies refers to non-IND Clinical Studies initiated prior to a development path decision.
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