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Our Systems Approach

What We Do

Axcella is revolutionizing the field of drug development by advancing candidates with the capability to restore multiple biological pathways at the cellular level. By restoring the proper amino acid homeostasis our candidates can address the loss of pathway function at the center of disease.

System Approach flow

Our therapeutic candidates work by restoring the correct balance of amino acids (homeostasis) within cells. The restoration of homeostasis allows cells to return to a healthy state by overcoming the disease burden and repairing critical biological pathways. Traditional drug interventions in western medicine are designed to interact with a specific target, leading to the modulation of certain biological pathways and/or cellular function. Our amino acid therapies allow for a broader impact throughout the entire system.

Because amino acids are essential to many cellular processes, the restoration of their homeostasis has system-wide effects, including disease state specific modulation of protein synthesis, selective and safe activation of regulatory (housekeeping) genes, a reduction in destructive mechanisms, such as autophagy and cell stress, and an improvement in mitochondrial (energy) function and metabolism. The result is restoration of a healthy cellular state.

System Approach chart