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Our Platform

What We Do

We have assembled a proprietary platform that is revolutionary in scope, speed and its ability to de-risk the clinical development process. Upon identifying the amino acid profile associated with a medical condition, we select candidates from our database that can deliver the appropriate disease or disease state specific therapeutic amino acid profile.

Amino acids impact biological systems through many different pathways. Development of a treatment with the appropriate disease-relevant amino acid profile differs depending on the targeted pathways and amino acid dysregulations. Our proprietary platform enables us to select the appropriate modality or modalities for optimal candidate development. Through this multi-modality approach we can select candidates with the ability to restore healthy function across multiple pathways.

Upon selection of our initial candidates, we apply sophisticated algorithms to narrow candidates. The best candidates are selected for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic strengths, and the resulting leads are scaled for preclinical and human food studies. The path from amino acid profile identification to first in humans (FIH) food studies typically takes less than a year.

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