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Tony Tramontin, PHD

Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Chief Scientific Officer


As Axcella's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tony Tramontin leads Research and Development activities including discovery, preclinical development, technical development, formulation, and strategic innovation.

Prior to Axcella, Tony was a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Global Healthcare Practice. Across a 13 year career, he advised biopharma executive teams on a wide variety of strategic, operational and organizational topics across the value chain. The majority of his work, however, focused specifically on research, medicine development and early aspects of commercialization. He co-founded and led McKinsey’s technical service line that helps biopharma executives with R&D project investment decisions, portfolio prioritization, risk management, therapeutic area strategy, and product launch strategy.

Before joining McKinsey, he was an experimental neuroscientist conducting neural stem cell research at The Rockefeller University and in The University of California San Francisco Department of Neurosurgery.

Tony holds a Ph.D. in Biology (neuroscience and endocrinology) from the University of Washington.

Q&A with Tony

What do you like most about Axcella?

The breadth of the amino acid platform. The real potential to help patients and caregivers across multiple disease areas. My colleagues' resiliency and drive to make a difference in the world.

What is your greatest non-professional accomplishment?

Being a father and a husband.

Favorite pastimes?

I'm into a lot of things (fairly mediocre at all of them). I enjoy running, art, gardening and furniture making.

Favorite movie?

Definitely Casablanca. I drive my wife crazy with it. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many times I've watched it.

Favorite book and author?

Probably All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy. I love the theme of courage that runs through the story.