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  • Amino Acids for Cell Health

    Transforming patient lives

  • Amino Acids for Cell Health

    Revolutionizing drug development

  • Axcella has pioneered a new therapeutic class – Defined Amino Acid Compositions (DAACs™). Our DAAC Therapeutics leverage the essential signaling function of amino acids to restore health across a network of dysregulated pathways, and provide safer solutions for patients with complex disease. With our Axcellerator™ platform, we are transforming traditional drug discovery and development by generating patient data in less than a year from indication selection. This platform has delivered a rich pipeline including clinical programs in liver, metabolic, CNS and orphan diseases.

  • Amino acids are not just building blocks for proteins, they are a crucial element of human biology. Cell-specific sets of amino acids critically and uniquely regulate a wealth of essential disease pathways and biologies.

    They serve as critical signaling molecules, primary materials for biological reactions, and as part of transport across membranes, among many other functions. Their multifunctionality makes them attractive drug candidates for treating a broad spectrum of diseases.

  • We are a relentless group of innovators, passionate about bring life-changing products to patients and families with critical, unmet needs. We have assembled a world-class team of pioneers and trailblazers with a track record of success to realize our vision.